A Chimney That Rises Above

Offering Top-Performing Class A Ventilation Solutions

A Chimney That Rises Above

Offering Top-Performing Class A Ventilation Solutions

Your Trusted Provider of Quality All-Fuel Chimney Systems

Shasta Vent is a company that provides precision-engineered components, corrosion-resistant materials, and installer-friendly options for ventilation systems. We take pride in offering our very own All-Fuel HT Chimney that is perfect for venting a wide variety of heating appliances. The product comes with a limited-lifetime warranty.

About Us

Our company was founded by two individuals who have more than 50 years of combined experience in the hearth, HVAC, and building products industries. The main focus of Shasta Vent is to deliver the best value of services to our customers, no matter how big or small the project is.

Our Mission

We offer quality chimney products with a focus on safety, performance, and value.

Shasta Vent All-Fuel HT Chimney

Here at Shasta Vent, you can find a chimney that rises above your expectations. We are proud to offer our All-Fuel HT Chimney system, a ventilation system made for residential heating solutions.

Accredited by the Experts

The Shasta Vent All-Fuel HT Chimney is ETL Listed by Intertek so you are guaranteed that our products adhere to the HT requirements of the UL 103 standard. If you are looking for a chimney system that meets the safety and performance of today’s high-efficiency appliances, Shasta Vent’s All-Fuel Chimney is for you.

Product Specifications

Shasta Vent All-Fuel Chimney is offered in 6” and 8” inside diameters. It is a double-wall, stainless steel, solid filled chimney. The pipe has 1” wall thickness. Both the inner and outer wall are made of .020” type 304 stainless steel. Your installation must maintain a 2” clearance to combustible materials.


  • Our product features precision-engineered twist-lock end rings, and for added safety we include adjustable locking bands for each connection.
  • All chimney sections are laser-welded seams, as opposed to the traditional folded lock-seam.
  • The ceramic blanket insulation is encased between the stainless-steel walls in order to maintain a strong draft while maintaining a cooler temperature on the exterior wall.
  • Tested and listed by Intertek to the rigorous HT requirements of UL-103.
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Material Advantage

The type 304 stainless steel on the end rings and inner and outer walls provides better corrosion resistance than traditional 430 stainless steel or aluminized steel.

Cost Advantage

The products of Shasta Vent are greatly engineered to provide you with chimney systems that are cost-effective and will last for a long time.

Construction Advantage

  • 1” wall thickness allows for tight installations.
  • Lightweight chimney sections makes it easier to carry and install.
  • Laser-welded inner and outer walls.
  • Easy twist-lock connections.
  • Heavy-duty construction for tee supports, wall brackets, and elbow supports.
  • Smooth-formed tee section that provides better draft and less chance for creosote buildup.

Component Advantage

  • Adjustable, heavy duty locking bands are included with chimney sections.
  • Chimney sections are available in multiple lengths from 8" up to 48".
  • We also offer a unique adjustable chimney section that can be adjusted between 11” to 20”.
  • 15 and 30-degree elbows rotate 360 degrees for ease of installation.
  • Our Tee Supports and wall brackets allow for adjustments from 2” to 8” from the wall.


Kindly check out our product catalog to discover more in-depth details about our products.

Installation Instructions

For more information on how you can install our products, you may download our installation manual.

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